Metaphors of loss and transition: An appreciative inquiry

By: John Graham-Pole, Dorothy Lander

(2009). Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice (Vol 1, No 1)

In this qualitative research study, we have used the arts-based research methodology, Appreciative Inquiry, to conduct a broadly based thematic and narrative analysis of art, loss/transition, and healing in formal/institutional and informal/family healthcare settings. Drawing on 21 loosely structured 1-hour interviews with African, British, Canadian and US caregivers, we have identified 13 overlapping themes of loss and healing. We use these themes to assess the broad scope of art in formal and informal care and palliation; to embed loss as an intrinsic health issue; and to consider art's capacity to offer insight and resolution in professional/family care partnerships as well as population health. We suggest that experiential and narrative data offer as valid an “evidence base” as quantitative data to explore the many critical dimensions of art-for-health theory and practice. Our findings underscore the vital and welcome interaction of art and science in global healthcare practice, education, research and policy.

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  • Resource Type: Journal Article
  • Research Type: Arts-based inquiry
  • Language: English