Benefits of Joining

Join Arts Health Network Canada to connect with others interested and engaged in arts and health. Participants of the online community work in community arts, research, creative arts therapies, health care, academia and other related fields.

Joining is as easy as filling out a registration form. Once you have done that you will have access to the online community where you can:

  • share your profile
  • view the profiles of other community participants
  • form or join working groups by interest
  • collaborate with others participants on a specific project
  • enter into community or private discussions
  • share events, documents and ideas

There are no fees or obligations to join. In time, AHNC plans to become a membership-based organization. At that point, joining may involve paying a fee that would give you access to information and services not available to the general public. By joining early you will ensure you are part of the process that will determine what membership will look like.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Arts Health Network Canada community.

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