Community Partners

As Canada's primary arts and health knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building hub, Arts Health Network Canada (AHNC) encourages and helps facilitate the development of provincial or local arts and health groups across the country, recognized as our Community Partners. Our Community Partners play a critical role in bringing together the local arts and health community, encouraging collaboration, and helping build awareness about arts and health. Community Partners work towards the community's shared goals, in alignment with AHNC's vision and values.

If you would like to form a local Arts and Health group in your community, please email us.

Arts Health Network Ottawa / Réseau Arts et Santé Ottawa (AHNO/RASO) local group was formed on June 24, 2013 after a series of meetings were held with local individuals and groups involved in arts and health within the greater Ottawa area to discuss the benefits of being affiliated with AHNC. Since its inception, AHNO/RASO has grown to a membership of around 60 people who have identified a connection with their work and the arts and health field. We meet bi monthly and are organized into sub committees to investigate areas that as a group we have identified as pertinent and relevant to our city and its surrounding area. Presently Suzanne Valois is chairwoman for the organization. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Suzanne Valois.

Toronto and Area Arts and Health (TAAH) group is a newly formed community partner of Arts Health Network Canada, serving Toronto and areas as far as Haliburton and Sudbury. Our meetings are held in Toronto on a bi-monthly basis and for those living further away, the meetings are made accessible through telephone or video conferencing. Our group includes artists, health practitioners, educators, art therapists, social workers, researchers and managers of community based programs. Together the group is exploring the range of arts and health practices and learning about what arts and health programs/projects currently exist in the central region of Ontario. New members are welcome. For more information, please contact Irene Gabinet.

Arts Health BC is part of a growing national network championing participation and engagement in the arts as a path to improved health, healing and wellbeing for all British Columbians.  As the founding community partner of Arts Health Network Canada, we will take the lead in promoting the field of arts and health in BC, through outreach and education, engagement, collaboration and professional development. For more information, please email