A grassroots call for a Canadian network 

The initiative to create a national arts and health network began during the first Canadian Forum on Arts and Health, held in Vancouver in March of 2005. Participants in the Forum overwhelmingly called for a national network to be created as a way to stay in touch; to have a point of contact to meet others in the country involved in arts and health work; and to be able to learn about and learn from others' initiatives and research. Forum participants also wanted a website that could be used to raise awareness and inform people about the benefits of arts-based activities to individual and community health and to health care.

In 2008, a small group of individuals in British Columbia led by Nancy J. Cooley drafted a business plan for the creation of an arts and health network. In 2010, the group secured funding from 2010 Legacies Now and established Arts Health Network Canada.

While AHNC works at the national level, it also encourages the development of local arts and health groups across the country, recognized as our Community Partners.

Arts Health Network Canada gratefully acknowledges the generous support of: