Board of Directors: leadership 

The board provides governance for AHNC. It oversees the network's development, including creating all the policies and operating systems that govern the network. Working within the long-term vision for the networks and with the input of those engaged in arts and health, health care professionals, artists, government decision-makers, and interested members of the public who join the network, the board determines priorities and select strategic initiatives. 

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Advisory Council: access to expertise in many fields

An Advisory Council has been established to help advance arts and health in Canada. The individuals have agreed to serve as advisors to AHNC’s board. They have been invited because of their expertise and experience in their fields, and their interest in advancing the many diverse aspects of arts and health. This list will continue to grow as the network develops and begins to undertake some of the strategic initiatives envisioned.

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Team: a complement of skills guided by one vision

The work of Arts Health Network Canada is supported by a strong team of staff and contractors.

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