Arts & Health Infographic

The Arts & Health infographic was developed by AHNC based on a literature review of arts & health in Canada in 2013.  It also reflects the comments and perspectives of over 20 leaders, champions & practitioners in the Canadian arts & health sector, who graciously provided feedback over three iterations of the document, as well as feedback from our colleagues in the States and the UK.


This infographic is an attempt to summarize and succinctly explain the broad field of arts & health. People working in the field can use the infographic as a tool to help explain their work, while situating it within the broader sector. We also hope that it can be shared more widely among the public to help promote this growing field.


We acknowledge that this infographic only presents a high-level view of arts & health, and not the nuances of various subfields, practices & practitioners.  So, if you have questions, comments or thoughts to share, please do so by contributing to the discussion we have started on our Linked-In group. There is no doubt much to share and learn from one another; and as the national Network on arts and health in Canada we are delighted to be creating the space for these types of dialogues.

You are now able to download a printer-friendly version of the infographic.

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