AIRS - Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing

AIRS - Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing is a major collaborative research initiative of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  This seven-year major collaborative research initiative (2009-2016)  aims to Advance Interdisciplinary Research in Singing through cooperation of over 70 researchers representing every province in Canada and 15 other countries on 6 continents.  Aiming to understand individual, cultural, and universal influences on singing and the influences of singing on individuals and societies, the AIRS researchers will focus on three themes:

  • Development of singing ability
  • Singing and learning - how to teach singing and how to use singing to teach
  • Enhancement of health and well-being through singing

Theme 3: Enhancing Health and Well-being Through Singing is being explore in three domains:

  • Cultural Understanding through Singing: Examining the role of teaching songs of foreign cultures to children to promote lifelong cultural understanding of others and themselves. This entails acquiring information about the songs of various cultures.
  • Intergenerational Singing: Determining how singing increases individual physical and psychological well-being and community well-being, with a special focus on intergenerational singing where elder members of a society teach children songs of their culture.
  • Singing and Health: Specific health benefits of singing as in breathing exercise compliance in lung disease through singing

For more information visit: -  Contact AIRS Project Director: Annabel Cohen, University of PEI;  Theme 3.3 Leader Dr. Laurel Young, Concordia University