The Art of Inclusion

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

In 2014, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection released The Art of Inclusion: Seven Steps – A Guide to Developing and Delivering Accessible and Inclusive Programs within Arts and Cultural Organizations, a new industry guideline based on the results of the gallery’s EnAbling Change Project with the Government of Ontario. The two-year project revolved around two key priorities: developing and implementing inclusive art programs in an environment that directly supports individuals’ needs, and producing a guide based on those experiences.
The Art of Inclusion and its seven-step process—a nod to the Group of Seven painters—will assist other arts and culture organizations in developing and implementing their own accessible initiatives, and demonstrate the overall benefits of engaging visitors through specialized programs.

The McMichael currently offers programs for children, youth, adults, and seniors with a variety of special needs and accessibility challenges, and provides them with opportunities to learn, grow, and communicate through engagement with the gallery, its collection, and the surrounding landscape. The McMichael’s accessible programs are based on the concept of creative learning, which promotes hands-on engagement, collaboration, social interaction, and play, and relies both on specialized facilities and instruction.

The EnAbling Change Project was supported by the Government of Ontario.

Visit to learn more about the gallery’s accessible programs.

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