Arts in Medicine - Health Humanities at the University of Ottawa


The University of Ottawa has several organized humanities activities for students to participate in such as Arts in Medicine interest group, the medical student choir and the Medicine in Humanities certificate program. In addition, students can choose do their own humanities centered projects as summer projects.

Arts in Medicine (AIM) is a student organized extension of the Medical Humanities program at the University of Ottawa.  Our goal is to provide a creative outlet for medical students with the ultimate goal of decresing stress, sharing with collegues the knowledge of various forms of art and ameliorating the work-life balance. Events include a coffee house and multicultural night for performing arts, an art show for visual arts and literature and various workshops that would allow students to learn different forms of ertistic expression! We strongly believe that anyone, regardless of his/her background, will be able to find his own artistic style with AIM!

The University of Ottawa Medical Student Art Show, under the auspices of the Aesculapian Society, is an initiative that celebrates artistic expression as a meaningful method of promoting personal wellness for medical students. This art show is a way to ensure that medical students in all four years can be exposed to the benefits of art-based learning through the creation of reflective art. This is an art collection created by amateur artists and as such, their works may have been inspired by those of other artists. No monetary profit was made with this booklet.  View student artwork form the annual art show.

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