Colour me Happy: Marking Mental Health Week in Halifax with Mindful Art Project

Izzy Dempsey was busy working out of Local Jo’s Café when she grabbed a much-needed mindfulness break thanks to an initiative of Fusion Halifax.

To mark Mental Health Week, the non-profit organization has set up colouring stations at 10 cafes throughout Halifax. Five different, Maritime-themed postcards and a mug of colouring pencils are available for anyone who feels the need to take a mindfulness break.

“I am totally into it. You can’t go wrong with colouring… I find it’s so easy to just go overboard and constantly work, work, work, making to-do lists. It really wears down on you,” the 23-year-old Halifax resident said on Thursday.

“I should be doing more what is good for me in that moment, so something like this where I come into the cafe and I’m working and doing emails and all that, and then it’s like ‘Do you want to colour?’ It took me no time. Yeah. Yeah, I do want to colour. It’s great.”

The Fusion Halifax health and wellness team had no time getting 10 businesses on board to participate in what they’re calling the #CraftyCompliments project.