Creating Effective Music Listening Opportunities

Clements-Cortes, A., Pearson, C., & Chang, K.

In almost every culture music is meant to be a social and interactive activity. While we might listen to music on our own, older generations did not grow up with digital music that could be listened to at any time. Music was (and still is) mostly enjoyed in interactive ways. For example, at family gatherings around the piano, at live concerts, in dance halls, at weddings and other celebrations, or on a record player (digital music dock!) for all to hear.

The Music Therapy team at Baycrest has published a brochure on personal listening devices. Included is information on how to create a playlist and how to respond to clients who have deep emotional reactions when they hear music. It is hoped that this resource will be shared with and of use to caregivers, family members and other allied health care professionals.


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Resource Type: Report
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Author: Clements-Cortes, A., Pearson, C., & Chang, K.
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Publisher: Baycrest
Publisher Year: 2015
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Subjects: Music therapy
Area: Canada, Ontario
Audience: Seniors (60+)