Mayday Club Autistic Advocacy Youth Choir Releases Album

When Nicole Provost was 16 and singing in a choir, she noticed a little girl, about nine years old, with a developmental disorder who kept moving around, out of formation with the rest of the group. That brief moment inspired her to launch the Mayday Club Youth Choir, an autism advocacy choir, last fall.

“It’s a choir for kids who have a hard time fitting in,” said Provost, 22, a physics student at the University of B.C. “There is such a need for a group where people can go and be themselves.”

With her ability to “super-focus,” Provost, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, poured her energy into the choir, which has grown to 34 members, ranging in age from five to 27 (although it takes members up to 30 years old), and has performed at 20 events across Metro Vancouver.

The majority of choir members have developmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorder or Down syndrome; others are siblings or people who are interested in working in the field.