65_RedRoses #4Eva Campaign

‘65_RedRoses’ is a 2009 documentary produced and directed by Nimisha Mukerji and Phillip Lyall, and distributed in Canada by Hello Cool World, who created and now directs the ongoing ‘65_RedRoses #4Eva’ campaign. At 23, Eva Markvoort was waiting on the transplant list for new lungs.  Living with the fatal genetic disease, cystic fibrosis (CF), was a constant reminder that she needed to make every breath count. When Eva agreed to open up her life and that of her family’s for the documentary following her story, the result was a powerful message of life, of love, of hope. By doing so, she started a global campaign for organ donation and CF awareness.

After her transplant, Eva and then medical student, Cyrus McEachern, collaborated on an image for a heart-themed photo contest his cardiology professor was hosting. By painting a heart on her own body, Eva literally became the heart and the designer of the campaign for organ donation and CF awareness. These stunning images borne from Eva’s artwork and Cyrus’ photos, became the heart of the #4Eva campaign. They also inspired a further collaboration, when BC Transplant commissioned the pair to do a “Live Life. Pass it On.” photo series — Eva with her lungs, and other transplant recipients with the organs they had received, painted on their bodies. BC Transplant partnered with the distributor to license the film free to all high schools in BC, and collaborated on a television PSA that they used during ‘Organ Donation Awareness’ week along with print ads using the photo series.

Eva was an artist, an actor, and an accomplished writer with an international following. While waiting for a second transplant on March 27, 2010, at the age of 25, Eva’s breath ran out, but her vision did not die. Purpose: To promote organ donation and awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF) through film and art.  Participants: Eva and the other subjects of the documentary were all in their early 20s, and were living with cystic fibrosis. The film and campaign resonate with young people, and have been effective at reaching out to high school aged youth.  Outcomes: The film has proven impact. When it premiered in Canada, organ donation groups across the country saw an  increase in donor registrations  with BC Transplant reporting a 300% increase as a result of the film. CF groups have held legacy events as fundraisers, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. BC Transplant, a key partner in the Canadian campaign, viewed the film as an effective way to reach a younger audience. They are gifting the film to BC high schools along with a teacher’s guide as part of Eva’s legacy. Now every school in BC can have the film for free. When ‘OWN’ aired the documentary in the US, they also aired our PSA. It was also promoted via the American CF network on Facebook, with over 150,000 members and as a result, it was re-posted on Facebook 800 times in the 48 hours surrounding the broadcast.


Framework/Philosophy: This project is rooted in Eva's story. And Eva was a young artist, actress, creative blogger, and through this work, also a filmmaker. The young directors of this film consider her a co-director. When the teacher's guide to this film was created, the filmmakers considered it important to use the film not only to teach about health and science, but to use it as a creative response to living with illness, and to make every moment count. Eva's philosophy was to live as large as she could. Her creativity in the face of death is beyond inspiring. Because of her spirit, this film will have a long life. It has already inspired many creative efforts in her name: paintings, other films and creative tributes.

Partners: BC Transplant, and the filmmakers
Time: April 2009 - Ongoing
Location: All BC & North America
Resources Available: www.65RedRoses.com DVD, PSA, Campaign materials, and a study guide
Art Modalities: Graphic Design, Digital/Electronic Media, Film/Video, Multimedia, Television, Drama/Theatre, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Creative use of Social Media

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Katherine Dodds, Campaign Director
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