AgeWell Chataqua Project

AGEWELL questions the current aging paradigm, attempting to understand and tease apart conventions and assumptions from lived realities and experiences. With this understanding, we use arts-based facilitation to support cross-sector dialogue and collaboration to help improve seniors’ wellbeing. AGEWELL consists of two phases. In the first phase we invited the community to share their thoughts and feelings on aging by submitting creative expressions on the topic. Selected submissions were exhibited at the Vancouver Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) between May 30th and June 8th, 2014. At the same time, art-making workshops that ranged from theatre/movement, to storytelling, puppetry and music, ran alongside the exhibition, creatively deepening the dialogues around aging. In the second phase, which kicks off in January 2015, we will conduct cross-sector arts-based dialogues on key themes that emerged during the first phase of the project. Our goal is to imaginatively nurture understanding and collaboration across professional silos and to contribute to the creation of innovative and concrete solutions to complex issues that affect the lives of our elders. 

Purpose: Use arts and arts-based facilitation to help identify themes and issues; and then, in turn, to engage in dialogue across sectors and silos on issues that are important to the health and wellbeing of seniors.  Participants: Most participants so far are over 60 years old (over 300 people attended the exhibition and workshops); however, we encourage diversity in this project and look forward to more inter-generational participation in future events.  Outcomes: Not yet determined as project is in process. Possible outcomes may include advocacy for the creation of a public health campaign for seniors’ health and a range of multi-generational projects to take place over two years. It is our hope that this project will launch a major paradigm shift, one that brings communities together to promote and celebrate lifelong wellness and quality of life.

Partners: Arts Health BC
Time: January 2014 – ongoing
Location: Metro Vancouver
Resources Available: AgeWell Chataqua Project Booklet
Art Modalities: All



Kim Gilker, Community Liaison, ASC! Project, Simon Fraser University
Judith Marcuse Projects/International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC)
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