Alberta Initiatives

In 2008 the Calgary Sexual Health Centre began a project to reach seniors and begin conversations about sexuality with them. Seniors a GOGO was born, through it developed a series of monologues about the experience of sexuality after 60, as well as a brochure about sexuality and aging. The monologues, titled Viva Vintage Monologues: Making It Up As We Go Along, were performed in June of 2009. In year two of the project, the actors from Seniors Action Group continued the development of new stories with the Foundation Lab’s Mariette Sluyter.

The Therapeutic Clown Program at The Alberta Children’s Hospital was established in 2004 through a start up grant from an anonymous donor via Therapeutic Clowns of Canada.  The program provides patients and families with clown care using spontaneous humour and gentle play to help minimize stress during hospitalization and treatment.

The Urban Dance Connect program offers a free one-hour, weekly class to seniors residing in Calgary's multi-cultural East Village. The seniors are taught various styles of dance, like salsa, ballroom, line dance, etc. for 35 weeks of the year. Many movements in their warm-up exercises and during class are designed to challenge and improve balance, coordination, and some exercises have strength and cardiovascular components.