Art & Arthritis

Arts and Arthritis provides Power Point presentations and a gallery walk of ceramic work, showing different aspects of living with chronic health conditions. With this body of work, including 16 ceramic sculptures and a 40-minute presentation, we hope to use art as a means of connecting with others and increasing understanding of illness for those with chronic health problems, their family and friends, and those in the health care field.  Purpose: Having worked with arthritis researchers and advocates, the initiative is an attempt to use different mediums of communication (ceramic art) as a tool for education or story-telling, that would provide a lasting message for those in the health care field or those affected by chronic health problem.  Participants:  All ages and those who are affected or work with people with chronic health conditions.  Outcomes: This is not a research project, but there has been some interest in creating a project looking at health care students and the long term effects of being exposed to this medium of communication.

Framework/Philosophy: This work was created because I saw that most information on the subject was written material with heavy medical jargon that may not be accessible or memorable to all learners. Art has the capacity to leave a lasting impression as a form of communication.  

Time: November 2013 - Ongoing
Location: Port Moody
Resources Available: 16 ceramic works and Power-Point presentation, as well as the following journal article: ‘Sculpting the Illness Experience’ in The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy.
Art Modalities: Digital/Electronic Media, Film/Video, Ceramics, Sculpture,

Otto Kamensek, Ceramic Artist Living with Arthritis