Art City

Art City is a not-for-profit community arts centre dedicated to providing people of all ages with high-quality arts programming, free-of-charge. Art City’s primary goal is to provide the opportunity and a safe environment for anyone who wishes to express him or herself creatively.  Over a decade ago, Wanda Koop, an internationally renowned artist, saw a need for accessible art programming in Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighbourhood. In 1998, she founded Art City, one of the first organizations of its kind in Canada. The idea: that community art programming should be accessible to all.  Art City also offers unique opportunities for artists to collaborate, and share their practice, in a community context. Since it's inception, Art City has become a beacon of creativity in Winnipeg's inner-city, providing contemporary community art experiences to thousands of community residents, from babies to seniors. In addition to the West Broadway home base, Art City's Community Programs currently sends facilitators and supplies to six different communities - working alongside people in other community organizations – to provide art workshops that are tailor-made to the interests and needs of members of each respective neighbourhood.

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