Art Gallery Exhibit: Diversity Competency in Health Care

What does it mean to provide diversity competent healthcare? This art gallery exhibits 11 short graphic novel stories/comics describing the knowledge, skills and character traits needed to provide quality care to Fraser Health's diverse populations. Healthcare providers participate in the gallery through a guided tour, where they read the stories, reflect, and discuss how these stories relate to their practice.  Purpose: At Fraser Health, we have developed 11 standards that define what it means for a healthcare provider to be 'diversity competent' or culturally competent. Each story is related to a 'diversity competency standard' that healthcare providers should live up to. Through this art gallery and the stories being exhibited, healthcare providers will become better oriented to the standards, and how they related to their practice.  Participants: All healthcare providers at Fraser Health (and other health authorities can participate too).  Outcomes: Knowledge of what it means to be diversity competent/culturally competent in healthcare; Tools provided to be more diversity competent in individual's practice.

Framework/Philosophy: Educating through art and storytelling provides us a platform where we can become immersed in someone's experience, emotions, and journey to gain a deeper understanding about issues that are more difficult to teach using traditional methods. Art and stories provide a door to cultivating empathy and understanding, and might evoke us to discuss and reflect on tough issues such as power in healthcare relationships, inequality, discrimination and how these affect health and health care.

Time: May 2014 - Ongoing
Location: Starting in Surrey, but will expand to other cities within Fraser Health.
Resources Available: A toolkit will be finalized that helps people bring the art gallery and guide to their unit or place of work.
Art Modalities: Reading/Literacy, Graphic Novel/Comics, Story telling

Fraser Health
Sana Fakih, Leader, Diversity Education
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