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Art Heals is a Two Rivers Gallery program that has a history of over 10 years. Through this program, an artist works with University Hospital of Northern BC clients in the pediatric unit, adolescent psychiatric assessment unit, youth detox, adult psych and adult detox once or twice each week throughout the year. Each session is a hands on studio art activity aimed at engaging the clients and giving them an opportunity to express themselves through art.

Purpose: To give clients in the hospital an opportunity to create. This activity may take their mind off of their pain and suffering, engage their minds and hands and/or encourage them to express themselves through guided art projects. 

Participants: Individual child and youth patients in the pediatric unit, small groups of approximately 6 youth in the adolescent psychiatric department, small groups of approximately 6 youth in youth detox, groups of up to 10 in adult psych and adult detox.

Outcomes: Outcomes vary, some clients make huge steps just leaving their rooms, joining the group and participating in Art Heals sessions. Some clients use the art heals projects to "escape" their hospital experience while others use the projects to document their progress.

Partners: Two Rivers Gallery and the University Hospital of Northern BC

Time: 2002 - Ongoing

Location: Prince George

Art Modalities: Art Therapy, Colour Use, Crafts, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

Carolyn Holmes, Director of Public Programs
Email: | Web:  | Phone: 250-614-7804


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