Artists in Healthcare Manitoba, Inc.

Artists in Healthcare is a registered charity that provides arts in health care programming to CancerCare Manitoba, numerous hospitals, eight long-term care facilities and their rural expansion sites as of 2009, Boundary Trails and Brandon. Artists in Healthcare's music program has 13 musicians playing over 250 hours a month in chemotherapy, palliative care, pediatrics, intensive care units and generally throughout the hospitals, for the benefit of patients, family and staff. Staff are increasingly aware of the ways they can use music to decrease stress and request musicians to provide a healing distraction in many situations. The program also places student musicians at long-term care facilities every summer and provides 14 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra string quartet concerts and five harp performances to some hospitals and long-term care sites. The organization has facilitated a clowning program and provides an art program in Psych Health, Rehab and Geriatrics at St. Boniface Hospital and Health Sciences Centre.