Artbeat Studio

Artbeat Studio is a mental health consumer initiated, peer directed, and recovery oriented program. This community-based studio accommodates artists whose mental health, social connection, and income make it impracticable for them, individually, to acquire a workspace where they might advance their artistic technique safely and securely. The artists are supported and mentored in managing their own workplace, production, and marketing within the operating parameters of the studio.

Vision: To enable consumers of mental health services to engage in artistic expression that promotes recovery, empowerment and community.

Mission: To provide studio space, community and opportunity for creative initiative to facilitate mental, spiritual and economic health.


  • Access to safe, secure and well equipped studio space.
  • Opportunities for self-directed creative exploration and development of technique.
  • Access to materials, tools, and process expertise in visual arts (painting/drawing, sculpture, pottery, video) and performance art (poetry/prose, plays/theatre, music, dance).
  • Opportunities to network with other artists, care givers, and potential patrons.
  • Assistance in organizing and attending gallery displays and performances.
  • Assistance in marketing artwork through web-sites, gallery, and exhibitions.
  • Assistance in developing fundraising ventures.
  • Assistance in preparing to mentor others in the arts.
  • Assistance in developing a professional portfolio.

Outcomes that improve ‘Quality-of-Life’

  • Recovery through self-expression resulting from access to sustainable studio space.
  • Self-worth nurtured by a safe, accepting, and supportive work environment.
  • Expanded network of contacts within the arts and culture industry.
  • Confidence and skills to interact with audience and patrons.
  • Membership in a community of artists.
  • Professional portfolio illustrating artist’s body of work.