British Columbia Initiatives

Started in 2004, Reel Youth is a Vancouver-based media empowerment program that supports youth with economic, social, or geographic barriers to create and distribute films about their visions for a more just and sustainable world. Reel Youth works in partnership with other youth-serving organizations to facilitate mobile stop-motion animation, video production, photography and music video programs that empower participants to create their own media, engage communities, and play a meaningful role in inspiring positive change.

This year-long concer series kicks off at Retirement Concepts sites in Maple Ridge, Langley, Comox Valley, Nanaimo, Summerland and Kamloops. The concert series provides an opportunity for the community to enjoy a sophisticated performance alongside residents, while sampling first-class cuisine from an executive chef and view local arts programming.  Purpose: The role of the arts to boost the health and well-being of seniors is an important part of any quality seniors-serving organization.

The Richmond Youth Media Program (RYMP) is a free multimedia program for youth (13-24), presented in partnership with the Richmond Addiction Services Society and supported by the Vancouver Coastal Health Sharon Martin Community Health (SMART) Fund. Programming includes drop-in sessions (during which supervised youth can work independently) and a variety of structured classes.  

Predators ruin it for everyone.  SafeVibe is a movement for everyone who wants to keep predators out of the bars and put an end to sexual assault. The more people who actively get involved (men, women, youth, everyone!), the closer we will be to making social change a reality. Keep the Vibe - Fight the crime!   Safe Vibe is an awareness campaign launched by WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) to prevent alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault.

The Journal, Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude, exists to honour the transformational power of creativity.  The quarterly journal intended as an initiative for collaboration and sharing. We present the opportunity for the free exchange of wisdom gleaned from creative engagement. We invite all ages to contribute their discoveries. Sage-ing is about seeking - satisfying inner gnawing and transforming it to knowing and action.

 Saint James Music Academy is a free afterschool program that teaches classical music to children and youth who live in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES), most of whom live in low-income families. The DTES is a vibrant community and yet also struggles with significant social problems, including high unemployment, poor living conditions, crime, and substance abuse. Children who are exposed to these conditions are vulnerable to these social realities. We believe it is crucial that the needs of these children and youth be met with creative and new possibilities.