British Columbia Initiatives

 In 2014 the Sechelt Arts Festival 2014 presented “Body of Light” - a ten-day tapestry of visual and performance art to explore the emotional, physical and spiritual issues we encounter as individuals and communities. “Body of Light” as the festival’s overarching theme, provided a unique opportunity for cultural and community collaboration and a shared experience leading to greater awareness and reconciliation.

This is an experiential arts-based project that encourages individuals to explore identity and engage in a process of self-actualization through the creation of a life-sized self-portrait using a variety of paint and other mixed media materials and techniques. Discussion is initiated around what constitutes identity and the subjective meaning of identity for each individual.

An Age Friendly Community is a community where seniors are supported to live active and socially engaged lives. The “Seniors Interacting through Art” program is designed to introduce seniors in Pemberton, the SLRD Area C and Mount Currie, to a variety of cultural and artistic activities and promote interaction between youth and seniors.  Purpose: Creating art can be especially beneficial to seniors.

Description: Led by a fantastic Music Therapist, this group of residents in an Assisted Living facility meets bi-monthly to practice various songs using a set of handbells.

Think of a song. Now sing or hum the first few bars and see what happens. Whether you've chosen an upbeat melody or a melancholic tune, the music has undoubtedly made a connection with you. It may have unlocked memories from your past, lifted your spirits, and possibly, made you feel less alone. Now, add a room echoing with mature voices, and you have the makings for a Silver Song Club.

The study of drama has many crossover benefits in developing social skills. Taught by theatre professionals, this inclusive class is both fun and challenging as students develop self-expression through voice, movement, improvisation, acting games, and script work. All abilities welcome. Purpose: To teach social skills through the study of acting.  Participants: Ages 13-18 years. Targeted towards youth with a diagnoses of Asperger’s, ADHD, and learning disabilities.