British Columbia Initiatives

The BC Centre for Disease Control’s Chee Mamuk teamed up with Hello Cool World to help First Nations youth, ranging from grades 8 through 12, create their own sexual health campaigns. Star In Your Own Stories is a video workshop project transforming high school students into filmmakers and advocates for HIV/AIDS and sexual health awareness. It gives the students a fun way to explore a serious issue, while gaining skills and knowledge at a time when Aboriginal people in B.C. and across Canada are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. 

With content based on patient interviews, research findings, and Yvette Lu's own experiences as a doctor, Stories from the Closet: a play about living with chronic illness, is a story about a young woman and her journey through the trials and tribulations of learning to cope with illness.  Purpose: To gain a better understanding of the experiences of young women living with chronic illness, to identify potential ways in which medical practitioners can help these women in coping with the burden of disease, to create a dramatic work inspired by the information acquir

Street Spirits is a youth driven social action theatre company. We use the creative arts to raise awareness of problems in the world. We create audience interactive stage performances, video projects, and community events on topics such as racism, family violence, homophobia, poverty, gender violence, substance use, gang involvement and bullying. We also provide community workshops to create grass roots responses to problems. Organizations and communities can book us for performances, video productions and workshops.

“Tea for Tutu”, Ballet Victoria’s favourite seniors program, offers quality innovative daytime performances in a friendly community atmosphere with tea offered by our sponsors. Each event is free to seniors and includes: an introduction to ballet, a performance of repertoire from our upcoming production, and refreshments.  Purpose: The purpose of the program is to reach out to seniors living in isolation and those unable to attend main stage performances due to physical or emotional reasons.

That’s Just Crazy Talk is a 50 minute one woman stage play designed to address stigma towards mental illness.  Endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as an effective anti-stigma tool, it looks at both the light and the dark side of living with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis as it describes one woman’s journey of coming to terms with mental illness within herself and in her family.  This funny and achingly truthful play both entertains and educates, exploring stigmas and portraying the love and resilience it takes to stay together as a family in the

The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy offers innovative art therapy training grounded in a professional, culturally connected, and research-based academic framework. The creative process is intrinsic to all cultures, and art therapy provides a path towards development and healing. Art therapy is a way to help us understand the human condition in all peoples. CiiAT is committed to inter-culturalism, promoting interaction between cultures through art-making and dialogue.