British Columbia Initiatives

The Healthy Aboriginal Network creates graphic novels on health and social issues for youth and has recently added a few new mediums to its toolbox - animation, video and augmented reality - triggering video on a cellphone with a static image.  Purpose: To create entertaining knowledge translation tools for youth.  Participants: Pre-teen to mid-twenties. 

We have been collecting visual art for Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre for 15 years and have at present, a collection of some 1200 pieces, all of which have been donated. BC artists’ work make up 95% of the collection.

The Lines That Join Us - is a short digital narrative focused on a unique event in 2013 where friends and family gathered around a woman with advancing Alzheimer’s Disease and used poetry, music, art & conversation to celebrate and honour her life and many connections, before her memory faded.

Script, Poem, Video Editing & Production by Nancy Strider  

The One Project is a platform for people to share their stories of vulnerability, gain insight from the stories of others, and show gratitude to those who helped them in some way. With a photograph and a few sentences, we are able to break the silence and overcome great obstacles within ourselves to achieve mental wellness — while also helping others through their journey. We are committed to our community and helping people experience insight that can change lives.

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides music education to underserved and at-risk youth at no cost in Vancouver. Students receive high quality music instruction in both contemporary and classical traditions in guitar, piano, percussion, voice, songwriting, ensemble, music and video production, DJing, beat-boxing and electronic music.

The Super Power Project is a youth-driven multi-media project to create and distribute messages to prevent gendered violence.  BC teens in Kitamaat Village and Vancouver got together in workshops and came up with E-Man & M. Power to bust myths and expose stereotypes.