British Columbia Initiatives

Founded in 1981, Vancouver's Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre), directed by David Diamond, uses THEATRE FOR LIVING to help living communities tell their stories. THEATRE FOR LIVING has evolved from Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed". Since 1989 Theatre for Living work has slowly moved away from the binary language and model of "oppressor/oppressed" and now approaches community-based cultural work from a systems-based perspective; understanding that a community is a complexly integrated, living organism.

For children and adolescents who are patients in our pediatric unit, we provide opportunities for creative, recreational, and therapeutic art activities (such as painting, sculpture, photography, gardening, etc.). Some patients have donated their pieces of art to the program, and we hope to put these pieces of art on display. So far, we have about 20 beautiful pieces of art donated. We also use “Chill & Spill” with some of the teenagers, which is a self-expressive guided journal.

This is a seven foot sculpture of a martini cocktail glass made out of over 2000 plastic pill bottles. The sculpture was completed during a cross Canada tour that started in Victoria and ended in St. Andrews New Brunswick, where this community art piece was entered in a sculpture contest.

This is a community based youth focused program aimed at teaching young people bike and arts skills. We also focus on community development and foster the creation of belonging, independence, generosity and mastery in all our participants.  Purpose: To enrich the lives of children and youth, develop skills, creativity, and general mayhem.  Participants: Up to 19 years. 

Framework/Philosophy: Circle of Courage

The Arts in Medicine UBC website is a platform to advertise contests and events run by the Arts in Medicine (AiM) group, as well as a medium in which student users can share works of art and creativity. We encourage students to post any art, photography, craft, or other, as a means of reflection in medicine and to celebrate the diversity of arts in medicine.  Purpose: A virtual meeting place to help build community in the arts and medicine, as well as celebrate the diversity of student artists.

The Vancouver Adapted Music Society supports and promotes musicians with physical disabilities in the Metro Vancouver area.  They operate Western Canada's only fully-accessible recording studio, have a choir, and run programs for people with a wide range of musical abilities.  In Nov 2013 they launched a 15 track album, Strong Sessions, that pairs VAMS artists with some of Vancouver's finest professional musicians.