British Columbia Initiatives

Started in 1986 as a group of older adults with an interest in the performing arts, Victoria Target Theatre Society has grown into a company of mature actors who provide a voice for the concerns of seniors.  Target uses theatre to address seniors’ issues because theatre stimulates and moves people in a way that is different from ideas learned through lectures or books.  Backed by a volunteer board of directors, and with the help of an artistic director, the company is continually developing new material as it finds its services more and more in demand.

The British Columbia Choral Federation recently engaged in a strategic planning review and one significant outcome of that exercise was a recognition that - Choral singing has a health benefit for everyone who participates - Choral singing is something in which people can be engaged throughout their lives. The BCCF motto is "Choral Music - a Lifelong Joy!”  Purpose: To foster and promote choral singing for everyone. There is a great deal of information available about the benefits of Choral Singing.

 "VocalEye helps me experience what everyone else in the theatre can see."  VocalEye's described performances include brief descriptions of the set, characters and costumes ten minutes before curtain. Once the show begins, important visual details and physical actions are described between the characters' lines. All descriptions are voiced live and in real time by a trained Audio Describer. Only VocalEye users can hear the description through a small handheld receiver and simple headset, available from the VocalEye table in the lobby.

The Yin Kak Honzu is a digital story developed to illustrate the relationships between an indigenous people (sacred Laws/language, Nation and Community), Watersheds (Laws & Wet’suwet’en homelands/territories) and Health (social determinants of health) and the linkages required to form a holistic ‘framework’, and to a true holistic approach to wellbeing.  Purpose: To promote a Wet'suwet'en understanding of wellbeing for greater equity in health, and providing education to promote healthy people and healthy communities.  Participants: All ages,