British Columbia Initiatives

A group of people with mental health issues that come together to explore different styles and techniques of theatre and acting. For example, working on scripted pieces like Shakespeare, or participating in Augusto Boal's acting techniques. We hope to eventually put on a play of some sorts for a one night performance.  Purpose: To help people by working in groups and exercising their artistic side. To enjoy drama/theatre in all of its forms.  Participants: All ages, with mental health issues. 

Barefoot Caravan believes in the influence that music has in the creation of unity. Music and the arts are a gateway to knowing ourselves; a window to the soul. Healing the self is a step towards healing the whole. This is why music is so important in the world today. This is the intention that the group plays with. Barefoot Caravan is a five piece band that performs indigenous music in various languages that represent the people of the world with unique, upbeat arrangements along with original compositions.

Through public engagement, residents and visitors are invited to create art contributions for a collaboratively made mural for exterior beautification of the Fairfield Community Centre. Inter-age free public workshops, plus tailored sessions for young learners 2-5, K-12, are presented to participants of the community centre. Themes explored are home, belonging, food (for humans and urban nature dwellers who we depend on to pollinate food).

Frames Film Project is a Vancouver-based film production and life skills program that provides opportunities for youth to learn the basics of filmmaking in a supportive, safe and fun environment, at no cost.  Purpose: Youth who have been affected by mental health issues or substance misuse in any way, either personally or through family and friends, are eligible to participate.

The Frames of Mind Mental Health Film Series (launched in 2002) and annual film festival (held from 2004-2008) is an initiative of the UBC Department of Psychiatry's Institute of Mental Health presented in conjunction with The Cinematheque. The goal of these events is to use thought-provoking cinema in order to promote community and professional education of issues pertaining to mental health and illness.

Established in 1989, the Friends of Music Society is a non-profit, charitable organization that uses music as the basis for rehabilitation and socialization programs to build partnerships between musicians with and without a mental illness.  Purpose: Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and supportive musical environment that also helps raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental illness in the community.  Participants: All ages, from teen to senior, participants are from the general public and individuals with developmental and societa