Cameras for Healing

Cameras for Healing is a not for profit, volunteer based organization founded by Maurice Henri, professional photographer, in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 2002. It was initially developed as an art workshop to help cancer patients and survivors deal with the pain and stress of their illness. Since then, he and many volunteers have criss-crossed many parts of the world to reach out to children, women and men dealing with very difficult situations. With its teams of volunteers and the generous support of businesses and community leaders, Cameras for Healing has provided cameras and technical assistance to the groups of people with whom it has worked over the years. The participants are encouraged to express themselves through the lens of the camera and to learn how to see their world in a positive and creative way. hrough their involvement in the Cameras for Healing initiatives, participants have developed self-confidence, a sense of pride and self-worth in a climate of trust. Cameras for Healing has brought hope to people living in developing countries, and the means to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities. It has also worked with at-risk youth in our community to help them connect and has offered positive role models to help reshape their view of their world.

Here is a video of Maurice Henri speaking to CBC.

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