Campbell River “Art in the Hospital” Initiative

The Art in Hospital initiative is working to have art become an integral part of the Campbell River Hospital. The idea is to have local art become part of the healing process. Local groups will be providing art and design motifs. Partners in the Art in the Hospital Initiative include Family Services, Head Injury Support Group, Carihi, the Art Gallery, local elementary schools and hospital staff.  Purpose: We aim to have staff, visitors and patients all sense that they are part of the larger community when working in, visiting or recovering within the hospital. The therapeutic value of art is quickly gaining recognition around the world. It takes each of us, working within our individual capacities, to contribute to the complex healing process undertaken within our local hospital. Our role, through this art project, will be to create an environment that reflects the care and compassion of our community.  Participants: Local groups - from children, high school students, head Injury patients, family service clients, hospital staff.  Outcomes: To create a healing environment that reflects the care and compassion of our community. Visitor, staff and patient feedback will shape the future direction of the Initiative.

Framework/Philosophy: To have art contribute to a healing environment within our hospital. To have the experience of the art create a sense of being included within a community.

Partners: Numerous community volunteers, Family Services, Head Injury Support Group, local schools, Art Gallery, hospital employees
Time: September 2014 - Ongoing
Location: Campbell River
Art Modalities: Art Therapy, Mixed-Media, Painting, Photography

Campbell River Arts Council
Ken Blackburn, Executive Director
Email: | Web: | Phone: 250-923-0213

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