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Barefoot Caravan believes in the influence that music has in the creation of unity. Music and the arts are a gateway to knowing ourselves; a window to the soul. Healing the self is a step towards healing the whole. This is why music is so important in the world today. This is the intention that the group plays with. Barefoot Caravan is a five piece band that performs indigenous music in various languages that represent the people of the world with unique, upbeat arrangements along with original compositions. They combine root rhythms; Soca, Afro-Cuban, Gypsy and Reggae with melodic three part harmonies. The Caravan is based in BC's Okanagan Valley. They travel across western Canada offering diverse and highly interactive performances. This project is constantly evolving, bridging community, art and people of all ages. The members offer various experiences including rhythm, dance, song workshops, onsite live recording/media and drum making programs. They are a group who truly share the greater goal of re-connecting us all to the world we live in together. They nurture experiences that support emotional wellness, social justice, building communities and supporting an inclusive approach. 

Purpose: The goal of the performance is to use energy and engagement to empower participants to take a deeper interest in world music, culture, and language, and to take a deeper interest in the world itself and the impact they have on it. This program is designed to develop- understanding of world music and percussion; awareness of cultural diversity and global citizenship; increased appreciation and enthusiasm for world music and culture; awareness of cultural interconnectedness and social responsibilities; highlight the value of world music and global community connections; and recognition of one’s own cultural diversity and cultural roots.  Participants: Expression Barefoot Caravan provides programs for all ages and abilities.  Performances respond to various learning styles, individual needs, and can be customized to a specific school’s focus and interests. The performances are delivered in a positive learning environment to create inclusive participation that fosters individual and collective success. The performance is interactive- in school settings, it involves students and teachers.  Outcomes: Through the pathway of the arts we build community and empower people to connect, which supports both social and emotional wellness.

Time: January 2003 - Ongoing
Location: Across BC
Resources Available: Musical CD - Study guide
Art Modalities: Writing, Dance/Movement, Music, Singing, Drum Making

Angela Roy, Founder/Director
Email: | Web: Phone: 250-212-7594

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