Friends of Music Society

Established in 1989, the Friends of Music Society is a non-profit, charitable organization that uses music as the basis for rehabilitation and socialization programs to build partnerships between musicians with and without a mental illness.  Purpose: Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and supportive musical environment that also helps raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental illness in the community.  Participants: All ages, from teen to senior, participants are from the general public and individuals with developmental and societal mental illnesses.  Outcomes: Rehabilitation, socialization and creative employment strategies for people with a mental illness, in a safe and fun environment. Improves physical and mental health, increases morale, decreases loneliness, and improves respiratory function.

Time: Ongoing
Location:  Victoria
Art Modalities: Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama/Theatre, Music

Friends of Music Society
Glenda Turner, Executive Director
Web: | Phone: 250-592-5114





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