The Healing Arts Program

The Healing Arts Program (HAP) at St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) in Saskatoon is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of patients, families, caregivers and the community. The program was initiated in 2005 by Volunteer Workforce Department with volunteers from the community in collaboration with the Mission Office, which is dedicated to the delivery of holistic care in SPH.  It has evolved to include a full-time artist in residence, part-time music therapist, volunteer artists, and community partnerships. The mandate is to provide care that encourages an individual's holistic well-being by creating an environment that facilitates expression, healing and meaning through the visual, musical, performance and literary disciplines of art. Visual arts and music are offered either by the bedside or in common areas where all are welcome to participate or just enjoy the expression of art. 

HAP also works on building positive collaborative partnerships with community organizations with special focus on youth-with-potential and the marginalized. Youth and adults come to participate with the HAP to paint and connect with patients and caregivers.  This partnership allows for participants in our core neighbourhood to feel a connection to SPH, building self esteem and transferable skills while contributing to community safety, ownership and respect for all.

The Artist in Residence also contributes to and participates in facilitating professional development programs for staff and volunteers through the creative arts. These educational interactions demonstrate the creative potential of the arts within the working environment. HAP galleries are committed to contributing to the aesthetics of SPH. Art transforms the hospital environment from a sterile setting to one of colour and inspiration by displaying artwork created by patients, families, caregivers, community artists and community partners.  There are over 200 pieces of art displayed throughout the hospital.

HAP is generously funded by the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.