Heartfelt Images

An annual cardiac art contest for first year medical students in conjunction with their learning about the cardiovascular system, has been held for the past 14 years.  Purpose: The purpose of this contest is to engage visual and creative learners by providing them an alternate means of expression and an opportunity for generative meaning making.  Participants: 280 students each year.  Outcomes: To date there have been no outcome measures initiated aside from anecdotal descriptions of what participating brought to the endeavour.  Framework/Philosophy: It was designed as an opportunity to visualize learning about the heart using modalities aside from text (transmediation) and in so doing, generate new meanings and solidify their learning.

Time: February 2001 – March 2015
Location: Vancouver
Resources Available: A repository of hundreds of cardiac artworks can be found at www.heartfelt.med.ubc.ca
Art Modalities: Film/Video, Ceramics, Colour Use, Crafts, Drawing, Fiber Art, Metal Working, Mixed-Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installation

University of British Columbia
Faculty of Medicine
Carol Ann Courneya, Assistant Dean Student Affairs
Email: courneya@mail.ubc.ca | Web: www.heartfelt.med.ubc.ca | Phone: 604-822-8245