La Ruche D'Art

La Ruche d Art: St Henri opened its doors in March 2011 as a storefront classroom and community studio of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. The arts have a magnetic way of pulling people from the margins, celebrating our human diversity and significantly contributing to meaningful community life.The community arts studio, aka art hive, welcomes all community members as artists contributing to a rich and varied cultural life. The studio’s growing cohort of university students and neighbourhood participants meet weekly to create a hive buzzing with activity and innovation that has generated interest from other Montreal neighbourhoods wishing assistance in establishing their own studios. In its first year, La Ruche d’Art has hosted over 2,000 art visits and held 12 special cultural events, and five un-juried community art exhibits. One of the outcomes of this sustained practice research is to disseminate “La Ruche d’Art” as a successful community arts studio model that promotes social inclusion. The research includes experimentation with the model, capturing lessons and stories about its impact, and influencing universities, municipalities, and Arts Councils to recognize the social value of these small and sustainable welcoming community arts spaces.    

For more information, please visit La Ruche D'Art on Facebook or contact Janis Timm-Bottos