Artists without Barriers (formerly known as the Laser Eagles Art Guild)

Artists without Barriers (formerly known as the Laser Eagles Art Guild) is an artist collective run by and for artists living with communication or mobility-related dis/Abilities and their supporters. The studio spaces are equipped with visual interpreters or ‘scribes’ who work closely with artists by carefully following their guidance and direction throughout the creative process.

As an organization we work to improve access to communication and relationships for people living with dis/Abilities, and view the need for communication and connection as basic human rights. We believe in the power of people living with dis/Abilities to self-organize. We believe in the solidarity of abled people to learn from, honour, and be guided by the diverse wisdom and experience of people living with dis/Abilities.

Mission: The Mission of Artists without Barriers is to:

  • Establish fully-access/able Studio spaces for artists living with mobility and communication dis/Abilities
  • Provide Formal and Informal Art Instruction through Individualized Portfolio Development Consultations, Group Critiques, Visiting Artists, and Outings to Arts and Cultural Events
  • Build healthy relationships and access/able communities through creative and experimental collaborative approaches to communication and expression
  • Support people living with disabilities to pursue professional careers as independent Visual Artists, Community Artists, access/Ability Educators and Community Leaders
  • Raise awareness about how Community Arts and Collaborative Creation is central to building access/able and anti-oppressive community spaces by developing mutually supportive and sustainable community partnerships

Vision: All individuals have contributions to make – acts that nurture the individual and the community. Yet, people with limited use of their bodies, those considered to be physically or mentally disabled by some, often lack the resources, opportunities and relationships necessary to fully express themselves to make their contributions to society. Artists without Barriers is an organization that offers individuals opportunities for self expression, communication, and relationship through art.

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