Nature Trust of New Brunswick - Youth, Art & Nature Projects

Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable organization that aims to protect areas in New Brunswick that are ecologically significant, and to educate the people of New Brunswick about the province’s natural heritage and the importance of land conservation.  Over the last few years they have faciliated a number of youth & art in nature initiatives:

The New Brunswick Art in Nature Campaign

The NBYNC was designed by six students from UNB’s Renaissance College. The goal of this campaign was to promote engagement from youth, ages 15-35 and tap into the passion that youth have for nature.

The concept was simple; invite young people to Nature Trust nature preserves to participate in artistic, musical and skill-building activities. Very quickly an outpouring of support and offers to lead workshops came from local artists throughout the province. See more here.  See video example here.

Nature of ART of Nature

The Nature Trust has formed a unique collaboration with the College of Craft and Design, the University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Museum and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Their goal is to explore the idea of Nature of ART of Nature. Students from the College and UNB have been invited out to several of the Nature Trust’s scenic preserves to gain inspiration to produce  a piece surrounding the theme of “Nature of ART of Nature”. Using the experiences and emotions inspired from the Nature Trust preserves, the young artists will be challenged to explore hidden landscapes, complete visual research and use art not simply as decoration, but as a tool to discover the less obvious and to connect with other disciplines.  See more here.  

Conservation on Canvas

Conservation on Canvas is a project to promote conservation through the natural beauty of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick’s nature preserves throughout the province. In September 2013, local artist Michael McEwing embarked on this project in partnership with the Nature Trust to visit each preserve and create a series of paintings that are inspired by his adventures and experiences.

As of February 2014, McEwing has visited seven preserves and finished two paintings, with several others underway, including some of our nature preserves on Grand Manan. He has created a blog to share his progress of how his paintings come to life as well as his thoughts and experiences of visiting the nature preserves. For more information, visit: