Ontario Initiatives

BluePrintForLife is considered one of the worlds leading companies using HipHop as both a community development tool and as a model for alternative education and healing.

The art of dance can place an exuberant amount of physical, and mental stress on a Dance Artist.  The athletic responsibility to execute movement with extreme accuracy, and precision, can at times open the door to physical injury.  Alternatively, the responsibility of directing, and teaching dance groups while attempting to balance life obligations, can sometimes be taxing.  Inica Dance Industries is committed to promoting the productive, and healthy lifestyles of individuals who function in the dance arena.  The "

Music and Arts programs at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital offer a wide range of year-round art and music programs for children and youth with disabilities and their siblings, up to the age of 21 years*. Led by accredited music therapists and professional artists, Music and Arts programs provide opportunities for self-expression and social participation through programs that focus on music education, music therapy, visual and performing arts.

The Cinema Medica: Health & Illness in Film seminar series is a medical-themed film series co-curated by a senior medical student and a graduate of the cinema studies master’s program at the University of Toronto. Cinema Medica explores areas of overlap between medicine and the cinematic medium in an effort to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue on a range of historical, theoretical, and ethical-political issues pertinent to modern medical culture, while introducing medical-humanities students and professionals to the formal techniques and vocabulary of film.

The London Creative Age Network (CAN) is a collaborative, community initiative.  This a vibrant, energetic and growing community of artists, performers, volunteers, businesses and organizations celebrates creative potential and community engagement in the second half of life.  They also research, promote, sponsor and organize a variety of creative programs and events for older adults (including elders) in London and Southwestern Ontario. 

Founded in 1998, the Studio is an arts based occupational therapy and community initiative of the Inner City Health Program of St. Michael’s Hospital and operates in partnership with Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes Inc. The Studio offers healing and recovery through the arts for those living with severe and persistent mental health challenges. The Studio is non-denominational, was pioneered, and is led by Isabel Fryszberg, an occupational therapist and practicing artist.