Ontario Initiatives

Throughout the course of medical education, students participate in circumstances that strain the bounds of the human-experience; however, the traditional coping mechanism of professional-detachment is insufficient to nurture the full complex emotional and spiritual plurality of the medical students who began. To prioritize empathy, insight, trust, and an understanding of the human experience of suffering in the training of healthcare professionals, there is a pressing need for enriched humanities exposure in medical training.

Health Arts Society of Ontario (HASO) is a new entity for the province but is anticipated to rapidly develop a project along the lines established by Health Arts Society (BC) and Société pour les Arts en Milieux de Santé (SAMS).  It is driven by the central idea that people in care, especially in long-term isolation, are in need of cultural enrichment.  

For more information please visit: www.healtharts.org/ontario

The Health, Arts, and Humanities Program advances a deeper understanding of health, illness, suffering, disability and the provision of healthcare by creating a community of scholars in the arts, humanities and clinical sciences at the University of Toronto (and beyond!)

Laughing Like Crazy aims to empower participants and audiences alike, breakdown isolation and anxiety, build self-esteem, and challenge stigma. Looking at difficult issues through the lens of humour provides an empowering perspective on mental health issues, builds confidence, and improves communication. Our problems are transformed into humour — we’re laughing, so you can too. There’s no point being sane unless you’re laughing like crazy!

Leave Out Violence (LOVE) is an award winning, not-for-profit, grass roots youth organization that is an effective means of social change, providing hope, motivation and opportunity to thousands of young people.

The Royal Conservatory in Toronto has two arts-based programs that affect the health of individuals of all ages. Learning Through the Arts (LTTA, 1994) is now the largest full school intervention program in the world, reaching more than 100,000 students annually, in 400 schools across Canada and in 13 other countries. It facilitates dozens of engaging and hands-on teacher institutes in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. Through LTTA, arts become tools for delivering general curriculum in math, science, and language arts. LTTA offers a different way