Ontario Initiatives

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is the lead organization for a regional campaign that engages youth in artistic self expression.  The goal of the Love My Life…Tobacco Free! (LML) campaign is to create tobacco free environments that are supportive of healthy living for the mind, body and spirit.  Participants explore “life’s breath” by sharing their passions through various artistic disciplines.  Symbolic works of art represent the young’s artists’ view of how tobacco-free social and physical spaces support and inspire wellbeing.  LML fosters connectedness to th

M.E. AGAIN is a platform for those who have ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and FM (Fibromyalgia) to illustrate the impact these illnesses have had on their lives physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Their art comes from a perspective that is not commonly represented in the mainstream art world: that of the sick, the marginalized, and the stigmatized.

Dr. Chawla is a Canadian physician who is also a professional illusionist (magician). He teaches healthcare professionals how to incorporate magic within a clinical setting. Through workshops he teaches individuals how to become a magician, empowering them with the knowledge that they require to help build rapport with patients.    Magic is useful in a clinical setting in three main areas:

The McMichael Gallery, located in Kleinburg Ontario, hosts a variety of accessible programs for the public including: Mentorship in Motion, a community based program engaging youth living with mental health issues and/or exceptionalities into a mentored visual art project; Family Art Programs catering to families of children living with disabilities; the LIFE Academy Program (Learning Independence through Facilitated Education) designed for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Asperger’s), to d

Imagine giving people with Alzheimer’s disease a soundtrack of their life to help them remember who they are.  It’s the gift of a better life.  This is what the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s (AST) “Music and Memory: iPod Project” aims to provide.

The My Normal Project was started by the National Gaucher Foundation of Canada and aims to break down the feeling of separation that people who live with a rare disease may face, when they sense that their stories are not for sharing, as they aren’t part of a normal experience. My Normal promotes a diversity of creative voices to spread new awareness, understanding, and hope about living "our normal" with a rare disease.

Digital Storytelling Example: