Quebec Initiatives

The Montreal-based Art for Healing Foundation is dedicated to bringing the healing power of art and art education to hospitals, hospices, and shelters and to improving the welfare of health care givers and patients. Since 2003, the Foundation has installed over 2,500 works of art in 31 Montreal area hospitals and centres, and supported exhibitions in hospitals in Toronto and St. John's, Newfoundland.

Cirque du Monde: The group of young creators and ordinary citizens who contributed to the birth of Cirque du Soleil never forgot where they came from. Rather than tackling a wide range of causes, the Cirque chose to commit itself to at-risk youth through its social circus program, Cirque du Monde. With the aim to foster the personal and social development of these young people, Cirque du Monde actions expressed through social circus workshops, training, support and consulting services, networking and advocacy.

McGill University is home to some of the leading-edge research on the relationships between music and the brain. A number of McGill neuroscientists are publishing in this field, including Daniel J. Levitin, the author of two very popular books on this subject:  This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession (Dutton, 2006) and The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature (Dutton, 2008).

Jovia's mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of hospital patients through its therapeutic clown programs that combine complicity, playfulness and imagination. Jovia aims to integrate therapeutic clowns into the treatment plans of Canadian health care facilities.

La Ruche d Art: St Henri opened its doors in March 2011 as a storefront classroom and community studio of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. The arts have a magnetic way of pulling people from the margins, celebrating our human diversity and significantly contributing to meaningful community life.The community arts studio, aka art hive, welcomes all community members as artists contributing to a rich and varied cultural life.

Mapping Memories is a collaborative media project which uses personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal. The objective of the project has been to produce creative work that will have an impact on policy, education, art and on the lives of the youth involved.