Sing for Your Life Foundation - Silver Song Club

Think of a song. Now sing or hum the first few bars and see what happens. Whether you've chosen an upbeat melody or a melancholic tune, the music has undoubtedly made a connection with you. It may have unlocked memories from your past, lifted your spirits, and possibly, made you feel less alone. Now, add a room echoing with mature voices, and you have the makings for a Silver Song Club.

Established in 2009 in Kelowna, BC, under the umbrella of the Sing for Your Life Foundation, the Silver Song Club brings participatory singing and music-making to seniors who are aging in place or at home. The club is the first international chapter of a UK charity which launched in 2005. The club's participants are on average aged 65 and older and the program has a cross-section of cognitive capacity from people with high-functioning skills to others with relatively low functions. The club meets twice a week for 90-minute sessions at no cost to the participants. Each session is led by a musician trained to deliver the programming who, in addition to providing keyboard or piano accompaniment, guides the singers through vocal and breathing exercises and movement activities. Caregivers and family members are also invited to stay for the sessions.

Now the Foundation is bringing the wellness benefits of their programming to residential care and other community facilities using technology. Portable, lightweight and with no musical skill required, the Music Box™ provides a turnkey opportunity for care facilities to deliver more singing opportunities for their residents.

To learn more, contact: Nigel Brown, Executive Director Sing For Your Life Foundation BC at or 250-860-5408