Vocal Health for All Ages

The British Columbia Choral Federation recently engaged in a strategic planning review and one significant outcome of that exercise was a recognition that - Choral singing has a health benefit for everyone who participates - Choral singing is something in which people can be engaged throughout their lives. The BCCF motto is "Choral Music - a Lifelong Joy!”  Purpose: To foster and promote choral singing for everyone. There is a great deal of information available about the benefits of Choral Singing. The BCCF and other Choral Federations across Canada are actively using that information in their Advocacy activities.  Outcomes: Vocal, and physical health benefits. One of the BCCF Board members suffers from COPD - Since joining a men's choir his symptoms have diminished. 

Time: Ongoing
Location: Just about every community in British Columbia
Resources Available: Resources are available and we can supply them on demand 
Art Modalities: Music, Singing

British Columbia Choral Federation
David K. Stewart, President
Email: sjdks@kaslo.org | Web: www.bcchoralfed.com | Phone: 2500-354-5368 






Image Source: www.bcchoralfed.com