Yin Kak Honzu, The Earth is Beautiful

The Yin Kak Honzu is a digital story developed to illustrate the relationships between an indigenous people (sacred Laws/language, Nation and Community), Watersheds (Laws & Wet’suwet’en homelands/territories) and Health (social determinants of health) and the linkages required to form a holistic ‘framework’, and to a true holistic approach to wellbeing.  Purpose: To promote a Wet'suwet'en understanding of wellbeing for greater equity in health, and providing education to promote healthy people and healthy communities.  Participants: All ages, addressing serious inequities in the social determinants of indigenous people’s health. Outcomes: Linking people to their homelands, languages, and a sense of belonging, may lead to better health outcomes.

Framework/Philosophy: To explore various ways of knowledge translation, to share 'stories' and insights exploring how health, environment and communities connect together in a 'place'.

Partners: UNBC and the Office of the Wet'suwet'en
Time: April 2011 – December 2014
Location: Primarily Prince George
Resources Available: Three digital stories can be found at http://ecohealthkta.net/digital_stories/ 
Art Modalities: Digital/Electronic Media, Film/Video

Affiliated with the Office of the Wet'suwet'en
University of Northern British Columbia, Ecohealth Knowledge to Action Research Group
Sandra Harris, lead digital story maker and volunteer
Email: smharris877@gmail.com | Web: www.wetsuweten.com| Phone: 250-847-3630


Image Source: http://ecohealthkta.net/digital_stories/