Yukon Initiatives

Originating in 2007, young aboriginal professionals of the Tagish Tlingit First Nations formulated a small dance/ theatre group driven by the desire to provide a space to learn and understand their customs, practices and history while working to raise the public’s awareness of the rich First Nation culture that continues to exist within the Yukon.

The Northern Cultural Expressions Society is a dynamic, non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for young people to channel their energy to artistic expression, and business development. Programs are targeted at Yukon First Nation students and are open to all cultures. Current and past participants have been invited to represent the Yukon in other countries and are in demand to offer their services as artists, cultural ambassadors and artistic instructors. 

Wake & Bake was an arts & health initiative that looked at the deeper reasons youth may be drawn into substance use. The project consisted of four main components: a theatre production, a post-play audience discussion, a health fair following each performance, and a supplemental learning resource