Creative Aging: Stories from the Pages of the Journal "Sage-ing with Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude"

Carolyn Cowan
Karen Close

Creative Aging is a powerful new social and cultural movement that is stirring the imaginations of communities and people everywhere.  Often called Sage-ing, Creative Aging takes many forms: academic, social and personal. It includes festivals, conferences, classes, group sessions and individual creative pursuits.

"Creation brings a renewed excitement to everyday life. It's something to look forward to and lose yourself in. The creative way to wellness is guilt free. You deserve to treat your brain, your body, your inner self and the soul in a respectful way, remembering that we are all born with talent and to be creators. It's up to you to find your way. Start by putting art into your daily routine, like having your morning coffee or walking the dog." - Linda Lovisa.

The book Creative Aging brings together more than 50 essays and galleries of images that showcase the power of the imagination expressed and enjoyed.

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Author: Carolyn Cowan, Karen Close
ISBN: 978-1-77064-790-9
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Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing in association with the Okanagan Institute
Publisher Year: 2015
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Subjects: Creative aging