The Defiant Imagination: Why Culture Matters

Max Wyman
Editorial Review - Canadian Book Review Annual:

Max Wyman is a Vancouver-based writer, critic, and commentator who has written a number of books on Canadian culture, including Dance Canada: An Illustrated History, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet: The First Forty Years, Max Wyman Revealing Dance: Selected Writings, 1970’s–2001, and Evelyn Hart: An Intimate Portrait. The Defiant Imagination is essentially an impassioned plea to keep culture at the heart of the still-unfolding Canadian experiment. The author suggests that with globalization and technology revolutionizing the world we live in, we need more than ever to find humane, moral, and innovative solutions to our problems. If we do not, our social and economic structure could implode. Wyman argues for the renewal of the cultural contract between the Canadian government and its peoples—a contract that boldly commits Canada to embrace cultural achievement as a catalyst for economic prosperity, social health, and national identity. Perhaps most importantly, he urges us not to marginalize culture or treat it as a frill. It is, in fact, our expressive heritage and very much a reason for living. Where would we be without our imaginations or our shared dreams? The Defiant Imagination emphatically drives home the point that culture matters. It should be read, and taken seriously, by our political and business leaders and decision-makers.


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Author: Max Wyman
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Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Inc.
Publisher City: Quebec
Publisher Year: 2004
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