Dementia and the Arts Infographic

The Dementia and the Arts infographic was developed by Arts Health Network Canada in 2015. It is intended to introduce the benefits of arts engagement for people with Dementia and their caregivers. People working in the field can use the infographic as a tool to help explain their work, while situating it within the broader field. We also hope that it can be shared widely among the public to help promote this growing movement.

Please feel free to use and share this resource. You can help to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook.

A printer-friendly version of the infographic is available here.

We acknowledge that this infographic only presents a high-level view of Arts & Dementia and barely scratches the surface of the research in this area. If you have questions, comments or thoughts to share, please do so by contributing to the discussion we have started on our Linked-In group. There is no doubt much to share and learn from one another and as the national Network on arts and health in Canada we are delighted to be creating the space for these types of dialogues.

To learn more about Arts for Dementia, check out these key papers and resources:

The Arts Health BC Literature Repository on Mendeley includes 1000+ arts & health research citations, many specific to older adults. Sign up for a free Mendeley account, follow the group, download the desktop application and do a key word search for “dementia”, “Alzheimer’s” or “creative aging”. 

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