Journal of Creativity in Mental Health

The Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, the journal of the Association for Creativity in Counseling, a division of the American Counseling Association, is the valuable interdisciplinary reference source for academics and therapeautic practitioners. This refereed journal examines the practical applications of using creativity to help deepen self-awareness and build healthy relationships. This journal also explores how creative, diverse, and relational therapeautic approaches can be used in counseling practice.

Each issue of the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health provides a wide range of interdisciplinary discussion relative to diverse mental health issues. The journal incorporates high-quality empirical research with cogent in-depth discussion and addresses the topics in both qualitative and quantitative language. Each unique focus encourages the rich dialogue among scholars, practitioners, and students. Book reviews highlight new and interesting publications in the field. In another column, film reviews provide a framework for conceptualizing personality styles and common issues found in human relations. Three other special columns provide: (a) relationally-based creative interventions used by counselors and psychotherapists in their practices, (b) creative teaching methods by counselor educators; and (c) an opportunity for mental health professionals to offer their perspective on creative, innovative, and resourceful counseling topics.

Subjects Covered: Behavioral Sciences; Creative Arts & Expressive Therapies; Mental Health

Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year 

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