Making the Case for Culture

Creative City Network of Canada

The Creative City Network of Canada is a national non-profit organization that operates as a knowledge sharing, research, public education, and professional development resource in the field of local cultural policy, planning and practice.  MAKING THE CASE FOR CULTURE is a series of six papers, published by the Creative City Network of Canada, that details “how and why” culture is key to our betterment:

Culture or “the arts” takes on many forms: painting, writing, quilting, pottery, museums, landmarks, sculptures, landscapes, streetscapes, memorials, sport. It is a way for individuals and communities to express and engage themselves with family, friends, and their neighbourhoods, their communities.

Culture can be used to renew or revitalize municipalities, regions, even a country. It can build community identity and pride, strengthen bonds, improve quality of life on all socioeconomic levels, and engage children and youth in education and their environment.

Culture can be the catalyst for positive change, engaging all ages and communities. Diversity can be embraced through culture, building trust and understanding. And culture can act as the economic engine that drives municipalities toward growth and prosperity.




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